Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)


Advance Professional Skills

B.Sc (PCM/ZBC) - The objective of B.Sc (PCM/ZBC) at Future is to impart basic knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of Science, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology etc. The course also exposes the students to theoretical & experimental aspects of the different subjects. We at Future prepare graduates for employment in Industry, Research and also give a platform to budding scientists.

B.Sc (Home Science) - Home science or the study of home making deals with subject intimately connected with the daily activities of the home maker such as food, clothing, health, hygiene, home beautification, community service etc. The specializations in B.Sc Home Science are - Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles & Home Management/ Family Resource Management.

At Future B.Sc Home Science gives immense opportunity to the degree holders i.e one may go for B.T.C, B.Ed, P.G Programme, Opt for teaching as a career, Hospitality, Fashion Industry and international organizations like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.

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